Maximizing Unemployment Savings

As you look for ways to maximize productivity for your HR/Payroll department, one simple solution is to outsource your employment and income and wage verification requests. While essential for your employees as they apply for a loan, new job, or public benefits, these tasks are time consuming for your HR/Payroll team and easily fall to the bottom of their priority list.

By automating these mundane, transactional tasks that are not often coveted by HR/Payroll personnel with our InVerify program, you'll solve both issues - optimizing your efficiency, security, and savings.

We built the InVerify program to be the most flexible in the industry:

  • Controls that make it faster and easier for your employee population
  • Innovative technology that removes more of the burden from your internal team
  • A toll-free number always available for when you or your employees simply want to speak to a human being
  • All delivered at little or no cost to your company, with no hidden nickel-and-dime fees

employers & employees

Our employment and income verification services help maximize productivity for HR/Payroll departments and provide employees with timely and accurate verifications to support their request for a loan application or the receipt of public benefits.

private verifiers

Today, lenders and other verifiers need accurate and current income information from the employers to assist in decision making regarding consumer loans and other employee requests. In the past, lenders and other verifiers were dependent on employees to bring copies of paystubs or W-2 forms to verify the person's employment and income.

government agencies

Social Services and other agencies that provide state or federal aid to qualified applicants can utilize our online tool or services to fulfill the information requests required for processing cases.

case study:

IBM Saved Over $200k This Year With EE

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