Hidden treasures aka refunds or savings

Frequently occurring business events such as a change of payroll systems/services or a merger or acquisition can result in employers unknowingly paying more than they are required in Federal (FUTA) and State (SUTA) unemployment taxes. Without the professional analysis and guidance provided by Employers Edge, employers often never know that they gave their hard earned money away. It happens every day.

Each state has differing rules regarding the treatment of how these transactions are handled. The professional experts at Employers Edge will provide a retrospective audit of the prior three years and the current calendar year unemployment tax payments, assessing if there were overpayments and wage base credits resulting from mergers & acquisitions, restructures, divestitures, etc.

This comprehensive review will also include an account reconciliation analysis - recovering past overpayments and eliminating penalties and interest charges as well as capturing transferable balances that may reduce rates. Federal and State statutes allow Employers Edge to recover credits and/or refunds on behalf of our customers for past overpayments and restore compliance for the employer.