We uncover savings for our customers.

Defending you against unqualified unemployment claims is just the beginning. In addition to the ongoing tax and auditing services included with our core unemployment claims management services, Employers Edge also offers a menu of advanced unemployment tax planning services.

Our professionals are the industry's leading experts, bringing added value knowledge that can make a huge difference for you. By conducting internal audits and engaging in specialty expertise projects, our unemployment tax services for businesses will help you recoup monies already paid to the state - and reduce current and future taxes. Our unemployment tax experts analyze and develop tax strategies compliant with all state and federal regulations to provide a first-rate unemployment tax plan for your company to ensure that you’re paying the lowest amount possible. Time after time, we've uncovered astounding savings for our customers. And we'd like to do the same for you. Learn more about how our B2B unemployment tax planning services will help save you money today!

mergers and acquisitions

We professionally manage any past, present or future restructuring activity to ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations saving you money, time and frustration.

budgetary rate projections

Our sophisticated unemployment tax rate projections in advance of your unemployment tax rate notices, gives you a head start with budgetary planning.

wage base recoveries

Our comprehensive review can recover past overpayments, eliminate penalties and interest charges and capture transferable balances that may reduce rates.


Customers receive the unemployment benefit charge and tax auditing as part of our unemployment claims administration services. We're watching the shop!

voluntary contributions

We analyze the viability of making voluntary contributions for all of our customers' in applicable states and make detailed recommendations for your financial benefit.

joint/combined accounts

Some states offer employers more favorable unemployment tax treatment of the accounts that are combined than others. We help you analyze and decide.


Our unemployment tax planning experts will make the complex simple and help your company effectively manage the labyrinth of state regulations.