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dan's story
We sought out an innovative vendor that was highly capable from a technology standpoint. Employer's Edge met these needs...
Dan, Manager - Tax Reduction

I am responsible for managing unemployment compensation for one of the nation's largest staffing companies. Our industry presents unique challenges, and Employers Edge helped deliver the technological solutions we needed.

Over two years prior to switching to Employers Edge, we had articulated the requirements that we were lacking during our introductory meetings with them.

Employers Edge recognized that what we wanted made sense for their current customers as well. They had redesigned their unemployment claims management system with improved capability, even though there was no guarantee that we would ever become a customer. That is the kind of unemployment provider that we were looking for - innovative and solution-oriented.

Why Did We Choose Employer's Edge?

  • They provided the unemployment solution we had been seeking for many years at very competitive fees, and their EdgeWise system delivers a high level of performance.
  • We couldn't get an accurate representation of our true volume with two prior unemployment companies. Employers Edge delivered the technological solutions we needed. We had other complicated technology requirements, like real-time data capabilities. These communications were set up and installed quickly, making the transition easier.
  • Employers Edge is easy to do business with. We benefit from active participation of management in understanding our ongoing needs.

Find Your Edge: Leading Edge Technology

At Employers Edge, we pride ourselves on being far more than simply another vender. Our team works hand in hand with your team to better align with your goals and help you meet your strategic objectives. We understand that how you manage your human assets is one of the most critical drivers of your company. Your choice in an unemployment service provider will have substantial financial implications that reach far beyond your day-to-day operations. Our flexible model and customer-centered approach helps ensure that we deliver the process, technology and results for your needs and goals. Contact us today to see how we can help support your business.
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Large HR Consultant

Reduced our missed claims

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10,000 Employee Staffing Industry

Received unexpected $250k refund check

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More seamless transition

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Greater responsiveness + more diligent follow up

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