Tom's Story

"We thought we had a handle on unemployment claims management until Employers Edge introduced us to EdgeWise..."


I am the CEO of a large HR consulting company with over 3000 customers. We had been managing unemployment consulting services for our customer base for a long time. The internal resources it took to manage unemployment claims for our clients became a significant expense, so we decided to consider outsourcing unemployment claims processing to save money.

We thought we had a really solid handle on unemployment claims management until we saw their EdgeWise system. That was the moment when we realized that we could deliver a whole new level of sophistication and added value to our customer base. From their aggressive approach to unemployment claims management to their EdgeWise systems auditing, tracking and reporting capabilities, Employers Edge has helped us provide a more affordable and effective service to our customers.

Why did we choose Employers Edge?

  • The primary reason we started looking was financial. Employers Edge manages our unemployment program much more affordably and effectively than we can internally. Outsourcing to true experts allowed us to focus on what we do best.
  • We didn't have the sophisticated and automated systems that allow you to monitor, audit and track the claims and were attempting to do it manually. After seeing EdgeWise, we realized we were misallocating significant resources by trying to manage unemployment expenses ourselves.
  • Our clients are in all 50 states, and our customers needed Employers Edge's multi-state expertise.
  • Employers Edge allowed us to deliver a suite of much more sophisticated claims activity reports to our customers.