Mattie's Story

"With 1,000 locations, we had many claims that weren’t being responded to. Employers Edge solved this issue for us..."


I am the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for an employee services company with over 100,000 employees. Until shown, I did not realize how many claims were not being responded to - nor the staggering cost (over a million dollars annually) associated with these missed claims.

I realized that there were some problems with our current unemployment provider, but I wasn't sure anyone else was big enough to manage our very large and complex national account. With that revelation, making a change became a necessity, and our team chose Employers Edge. They quickly gained centralized control of our unemployment claims processing. Our claims volume is so large that eliminating this single problem generated additional savings of over a million dollars each year. We were pleasantly surprised at how easily Employers Edge fixed these costly problems.

Why did we choose Employers Edge?

  • Employers Edge offered the most effective solution and fresh ideas to some of our ongoing problems to reduce missed claims.
  • We are large and complex, with many entities and hundreds of accounts. Too many claims were going to the wrong locations. We needed an unemployment company that would proactively manage our POAs.
  • Once we understood the financial impact of vendor effectiveness, we realized that small differences in vendor fees were meaningless in comparison to the substantial savings that a more effective unemployment service delivers.