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Jennifer's story
We transitioned both our unemployment claims management and the employment & income verification services to Employers Edge...
Jennifer, Finance Director
I am the Director of Finance for a 6,000 employee company that assists large retailers in preparing their store openings and closures. We were not happy with the performance of our unemployment cost management provider. Plus, we were having recurring challenges from the vendor's side with the payroll feed.

We moved both the unemployment insurance and employment & wage verification services to Employers Edge eliminating the need for two vendors. Using just one vendor has helped reduce our IT department's workload. Their payroll feed accommodated the needs of both services - streamlining much of the data needed for the unemployment claims administration services and offering the data needed for the employment and wage verification processing. The IT department was very pleased with this move because Employers Edge's payroll file required much less IT bandwidth and resources to produce on a weekly basis.

Why Did I Choose Employer's Edge?

  • Their references were exceptional.
  • We wanted a more effective solution in both areas, and we were looking to streamline the entire process under one vendor.
  • The IT department found Employers Edge's offering to be a much better solution for us.
  • We no longer feel like we are continually battling City Hall. Employers Edge has been flexible and accommodating and easy to do business with from the beginning.

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Even if you're comfortable with your current provider, the dramatic difference we've made for companies that have switched to us makes taking a second look worthwhile. We try to specifically address the problems that mass consolidation has forced upon the industry. Simply put, we offer a better formula: typically a better win ratio + state-of the art technology + service that 's flexible, responsive and customer-centered. Contact us today to see how we can support your business.
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Received unexpected $250k refund check

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More seamless transition

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Now saving over 100k each year

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