4,500 Employee Restaurant Chain

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Jasmine's story
We wanted expertise and support which Employer's Edge was able to provide.
Jasmine, Human Resources' Administrator

I am the Human Resources Administrator for a 4,500 employee quick casual restaurant chain. We were using a service for unemployment cost control that was not performing at the level that we desire.

We have chosen and been so pleased with Employers Edge. They are consistent and reliable in delivering  the service that we need, which is all we were really looking for in the first place. 


Why Did We Choose Employer's Edge?

  • We talked to references that had switched to Employers Edge. They assured us that Employers Edge was delivering the service that we needed. That has absolutely been our experience as well.
  • We wanted an unemployment claims administrator that was more customer service oriented.
  • We wanted more timely and reliable unemployment administration.
  • Peopel that were involved in the marketing process continue to support the relationship. They are passionate about delivering a needed service to their customers.
  • We wanted to reduce frustration for our field locations.

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We understand that you have the high expectations of your vendors. And we have those same expectations of ourselves. Employers Edge is committed to performance and client service. And this dedication shows. Employers Edge has already made a dramatic difference for employers nationwide. And we're ready to provide support to your business too. Contact us today to see how we can help you support your business.
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250 Employee Auto Dealer

Delivered excellent training

Large HR Consultant

Reduced our missed claims

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10,000 Employee Staffing Industry

Received unexpected $250k refund check

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Technology matched our needs

13,000 Employee Retailer

More seamless transition

25k Employee Healthcare Co

Now saving over 100k each year

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