Jasmine's Story

"We wanted expertise and excellence. The difference is night and day between Employers Edge and our previous unemployment service......"


I am the Human Resources Administrator for a 4,500 employee quick casual restaurant chain. We were working with an unemployment cost control service that was not performing or servicing our company at the level that we desire.

We have an expectation of excellence from our vendors. If that expectation is continually not met, we'll search until we find someone that can fulfill our needs. We have been so pleased with Employers Edge. They are consistent and reliable in delivering an outstanding service. They are a true partner, and that is all we were really looking for in the first place.

Why did we choose Employers Edge?

  • We talked to references that had switched from our prior unemployment vendor to Employers Edge. They were having the same issues that we were experiencing. They assured us that Employers Edge had resolved those problems and was delivering an excellent service. That has absolutely been our experience as well.

  • We wanted an unemployment claims administrator that was more customer service oriented.

  • We wanted more timely and reliable unemployment administration.

  • We can talk to the owners. They were involved in the marketing process and that relationship has continued. They are passionate about delivering an outstanding service to their customers.

  • We wanted to save money and reduce frustration for our field locations.