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brenda's story
Our ongoing timeliness and performance problems vanished with Employer's Edge...
Brenda, Corporate HR Manager

I'm a Corporate HR Manager for a 25,000-employee company in the healthcare industry. We were late or missed some claims. Of the claims that were received, too many of them were not being responded to by the statutory deadlines. It was costing our company.

After an exhaustive search, we selected Employers Edge - and they quickly fix our sometimes costly problems. They aggressively worked with the state agencies to make certain that the time sensitive documents could be accounted for and responded to. Our field personnel immediately noticed greater responsiveness and more diligent follow up. These improvements in service delivery brought 6 figures in additional savings to our bottom line.

Why Did We Choose Employer's Edge?

  • Employers Edge produced additional savings well into 6 figures, which is material for my department and our company.
  • They are accessible and responsive to our outlying managers and their customer service and responsiveness are great, all of which helps improve the effectiveness in  helping us manage our claims.
  • Their fees were highly competitive, and they were also able to provide added value services such as employment & income verification services and new hire reporting.

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Reduced our missed claims

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Received unexpected $250k refund check

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