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Jim's Story
jim's Story
Before engaging Employer's Edge, we were continually surprised and frustrated about the claims that we would lose...
Jim, Owner & Operator

I am an Owner/Operator of an automobile dealership with 250 employees. We had been managing unemployment insurance on our own for years. We were continually surprised and frustrated about the claims that we would lose. We clearly didn't have the expertise to know how to defend ourselves. Our unemployment costs increased to a point that continuing to do what we had been doing was no longer an acceptable strategy.

We brought on Employers Edge to help us. They taught us how to manage the process and substantiate our cases. They trained our supervisory team about unemployment insurance and taught us strategies that helped us win the types of unemployment claims that we used to always lose. Employers Edge saves us a great deal of money, time and aggravation. We cost ourselves so much time and money trying to handle it on our own.

Why Did We Choose Employer's Edge?

  • We realized that handling unemployment claims in-house doesn't save money if you don't have the necessary expertise. Every unemployment claim we lost on our own cost us between $4,000 to $8,000 dollars.
  • After just 1 year of service, Employers Edge had already paid their fee for multiple years - their expertise saves us tens of thousands of dollars every year.
  • I would pay their annual fee just for the educational training they provide - helping us win claims that we always used to lose in the past.
  • We weren't auditing the unemployment charges and taxes being assessed by the state. Employers Edge helps catch state errors and overpayments we were missing.

Find Your Edge: Training You for Better Success

The decision to outsource isn't a question of the talent level of you current team. But rather, it's a matter of letting specialists help in a niche area within your department helping you maximize your cost control. Not only will you free personnel to focus on more pressing issues, you'll also be allowing the experts with the highest win ratio in the industry do what they do best - save your company dramatically more in unemployment expenditures. Contact us today to see how we can support your business.
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