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Cynda's story
We were concerned about switching, but transitioning to Employer's Edge was seamless and painless and delivered immediate added value...
Cynda, VP of Benefits, Compensation & HR Administration
I am the Vice President of Benefits, Compensation & HR Administration for a 13,000 employee retailer with 850 locations. I have learned that when I don't hear any noise from the field about a particular service, that usually means that the service is getting the job done. Unfortunately, I noticed a significant spike in complaints from my retail locations about unemployment compensation provider - moving me to evaluate other services.

I chose Employers Edge after careful consideration. Since we are so large, I had some concern about the transition. Thankfully, those concerns were unfounded. Moving to Employers Edge was one of the easiest vendor transitions that I have ever completed. It was well organized and quick. Transition actually delivered added value as Employers Edge presented new solutions that made our process even more efficient and effective.

Why Did We Choose Employer's Edge?

  • I have enough on my plate and don't have time to put out fires because of vendor issues. I need a vendor that I can rely on.
  • They are responsive and customer service oriented. Transition was a quick.
  • Employers Edge brought innovative solutions to us that we had never considered that delivered added value.
  • They are easier to do business with. Their personnel are friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Find Your Edge: An Easy Transition

We understand that as a manager, one of your priorities is keeping your team happy. By helping eliminate hassles and challenges that they're currently dealing with, our systems and services can help you do just that. And ultimately, we help you keep your people focused on more important issues. We work to help ensure that your transition to Employers Edge will be as seamless and pain-free as possible for everyone involved. Contact us today to see how we can help you support your business.
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Lowered our costs

250 Employee Auto Dealer

Delivered excellent training

Large HR Consultant

Reduced our missed claims

Employee Services – 100k+ Employees

More responsive and better results

10,000 Employee Staffing Industry

Received unexpected $250k refund check

Top Nationwide Staffing Company

Technology matched our needs

4,500 Employee Restaurant Chain

Greater responsiveness + more diligent follow up

25k Employee Healthcare Co

Now saving over 100k each year

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