10,000 Employee Staffing Industry

Received unexpected $250K refund check
Josie's story
Employers Edge captured an unexpected refund check for $250,000 dollars for our company. We were very pleased...
Josie, Finance Director/CFO

I am the Finance Director/CFO for a 10,000 employee staffing industry company. We decided that it was time for a change to a more customer-service-oriented unemployment company.

After a national search of unemployment providers, our decision team selected Employers Edge. We were very pleased to find an unemployment service provider that is more proactive and responsive in addressing our needs. Even better, Employers Edge's unemployment auditing and tax recovery expertise unexpectedly helped secure a $250,000 dollar refund check for us. 

Why Did I Choose Employer's Edge?

  • Their unemployment tax planning and auditing expertise is really helpful as securing the $250,000 refund demonstrates.
  • Their fees were more affordable.
  • They have a proactive approach and are detail oriented.
  • The implementation and transition was easy.

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Companies that have moved their unemployment claims management to us often see cost savings by helping reduce time-consuming burdens from their team. Our experts have honed our process over the last 20 years. Contact us today to see how we can support your business.
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