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A verification of employment letter is just what it sounds like—a letter asking for proof of employment and income. While essential for your employees as they apply for a loan, new job, or public benefits, employment and income verifications are time-consuming for your HR or Payroll team. However, it is your business’ responsibility to help provide your workers with the information they need. By automating these mundane, transactional tasks with our employment and wage verification program, you’ll better optimize efficiency, privacy, and time.

If your former employee is applying for a new job in the future, prospective recruiters may request employment information. Typically, this information can include the person’s job title, dates of employment and salary. Additionally, if this company requests proof of income, they may also need the person’s name, social security number and the name of your workplace. This can be overwhelming for larger businesses. Thankfully, our outsourced employment and salary verification services are available 24/7 to give your employees their information whenever they need it. Our automated system helps ensure a faster response time and only sends the necessary information for a more accurate and private experience.

Our employment and income verification solution benefits your business in a variety of ways. As a large employer, you have the potential to receive many verifications of employment requests from your current and previous employees. By utilizing our nationwide B2B employment and income verification service you can help save your business time and resources. This frees up your human resources and payroll departments to focus on growing your business via recruiting, training and handling employee relations.

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At Employer's Edge, we dedicate ourselves to helping ease the unnecessary strain of the employment and income verification process. Our veteran team of experts enjoys the challenge of helping your employees while helping save you time. We can't wait to help you get started!


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