Our business is about helping your business.

This starts with our executive team and extends to each of our well-trained experts. We all care about helping you win more claims and offload mundane, transactional tasks – giving you back time and money. As an award winning service provider, our work is important to us, as are our customers. Learn more about our management team below, along with our commitment to service and excellence.

Matt Brady
Founder and Owner

Matt is an unemployment cost management and employment and income verification expert who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our customers. As a Notre Dame graduate, Matt successfully grew his career with a focus on solving problems and fulfilling outsourcing need(s) for the employer community in the area of business development, marketing and sales. During his 26 year career in the unemployment and employment verification industries, Matt has developed hundreds of ongoing business relationships with employers nationwide, who appreciate his friendly demeanor and true understanding of their needs. His strengths include a genuine empathy and understanding for others and his flexibility to find the best solution to a problem. In his free time, Matt’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife, three children and friends. He also enjoys classical and rock-n-roll music, traveling, sporting activities, hiking and coaching his children’s sports teams.

Steve Bell
Founder and Owner

As you read through our management team bios, you’ll see a common thread. Most of the team has 20+ years of experience in this industry. Steve is one of our exceptions, and that’s been a good thing to bring the benefit of perspective along with an emphasis on customer-focused solutions.  With an undergraduate in economics from the University of San Diego and an executive MBA from the University of Chicago, Steve started his career with a strong emphasis on business operations. Prior to launching Employers Edge, Steve spent 17 years in the third party call center and fulfillment industry, where he designed and implemented multiple complex processing systems as VP of Operations.  Applying a fresh look at the unemployment cost control and employment verification businesses, Steve has worked closely with our veteran operations and IT teams to build efficient and effective back end systems.  In his free time, Steve enjoys traveling, golf and sharing home cooked meals with friends and family.

Melanie Randolph
Director of Operations

Melanie brings over 25 years of unemployment expertise to our company. She started her career processing claims and moved on to represent companies for thousands of unemployment hearings. She was promoted to become an account manager and traveled around the country delivering annual reports to customers and presenting UI educational training workshops. In her role as Director of Operations for Employers Edge, her responsibilities now include operational process improvements and innovation, ensuring employee growth and satisfaction as well as ongoing communication with the leadership team about company needs and objectives. She is very passionate and determined to deliver the very best service to our customers and employees. Her commitment and belief in our customers’ success is what keeps her thriving. When she’s not spending time with family, you’ll catch her watching softball or reading a good book.

Jef Skindzier
Director, Information Technology

Jef brings extensive industry knowledge and best practices to our customers. He is an application developer by trade and has worked through the entire life-cycle of multiple incarnations of unemployment management software throughout the course of his 25+ year career. Jef’s passion for technology and process improvement started back in his days at Michigan State University in the Engineering computer labs. His greatest strength in his role as IT Director is his ability to communicate with users and translate their needs to software enhancements all while explaining technical concepts with the minimum amount of “computerese”. In his free time, Jef enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, playing ice hockey and fishing.

Angie Hansen
Director of Client Services

Angie began her career in the unemployment cost control industry nearly two decades ago. During this time, she has served customers in the claims, hearings, tax and account management roles and, most recently, as Director of Client Services. She is primarily responsible for the overall management of accounts, which includes internal auditing and reporting on unemployment claims activity, procedural structure of accounts, proactive client education and the global monitoring of our overall service delivery to our customers. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, especially to Hawaii. Her favorite outdoor activities include hiking and snowmobiling.

John Mansfield
Director of Tax Planning

John’s 30 + years of business experience began with a finance degree from Creighton University and encompasses a wide range of financial and cost management related responsibilities. In addition to his current role as Director of Unemployment Tax, John has extensive experience in financial modeling, forecasting, media buying analysis and direct response program management. He is always eager to respond to customers’ needs and values the professional relationships he has developed with many clients and co-workers over the years. In his free time, John enjoys spending time outdoors and with family.

Pamela Drake
Director of Healthcare Unemployment Services

Pamela is an unemployment expert with past experience as a Department of Labor Hearing Officer and as the Director of Unemployment Programs for the New Mexico Hospital Association and the Colorado Hospital Association. She currently handles all aspects of unemployment, including claims management, hearing representation, training and account management for the Colorado Hospital Association Program, a major customer of Employers Edge. She also serves as a national hearing representative for other customers. As an active member of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration (ASHHRA) and the Program Chair for Colorado Healthcare Association for Human Resource Management (CHAHRM), Pamela continues to develop her expertise in HR laws and trends to best support our customers. In her free time, Pamela exercises regularly and sings barbershop music in Skyline Chorus, a premier chorus of Sweet Adelines International. She enjoys scuba diving, golf, fishing and skiing with her husband, family and friends.

Angela Elliott
Senior Account Manager

If you are one of the many customers that have been with us from the beginning, you most likely have spoken with Angela at your implementation for claims processing or scheduling of your hearing or other unemployment customer service related tasks. Angela is another one of our industry veterans who literally has done it all over her 18 years of work in this field. She takes great pride in her career and her role as a Senior Account Manager. She loves the relationships she’s developed with her customers and coworkers. When not working, Angela will likely be found spending time traveling and vacationing with her firefighter husband, her 3 daughters, or her large extended family.

Brenda Bakel
Senior Claims Operations Manager

Brenda started her professional career in the unemployment industry and has extensive industry knowledge after holding several different positions in multiple departments. She enjoys working in claims and helping customers. By assisting customers and working with state agencies, she recognized she had a knack for the unemployment business and continues to advance the level of service provided by Employers Edge. For the last eleven years of her 15+ years in the unemployment business, she has worked as a supervisor/trainer. There is nothing she enjoys more than helping others to learn and grow. She works hand in hand with our IT programmers, creating innovative ideas and ongoing process improvements within our claims operations making the process more efficient for the customers and our internal team. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and watching her kids participate in their school and athletic activities.

Nicole Berkhiem
Quality Assurance/Risk Manager

Nicole is an unemployment claims expert with 15+ years in the industry. Nicole runs a team of Claims Specialists who process UI claims for employers nationwide, and she oversees the day to day operations in the Charge Department. Nicole has worked with a wide variety of clients that include, Government Agencies at the state and municipality level, insurance companies, retail and restaurants. Nicole graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and has a talent for investigating UI claims. Observers are astonished to behold the speed, accuracy and quality output that Nicole produces when processing unemployment claims. She is an invaluable resource for information when complicated questions arise about the world of unemployment. In her spare time and with the help of her family, Nicole runs her own successful candle company.

Rhiannon Wolgram
Claims Operations Manager

Rhiannon is a 20 + year unemployment industry specialist who started her career as a Workers Compensation case manager in the PEO industry. During this time, she’s helped a myriad of customers to successfully save money and time, ranging from small local companies to large nationwide employers. Rhiannon shows a genuine dedication to our clients with her top-notch customer service. Her strengths include her ability to connect with others and her desire to help, whether that be assisting customers with their needs or in supporting the team of employees that she currently manages. In her spare time, Rhiannon enjoys spending time with family and friends, camping and boating. She also loves concerts, shopping and watching football with her husband and teenage son.

Cameron Salzbrenner
La Junta Recruiting and Training Manager

When Employers Edge expanded to La Junta, Colorado, Cameron was tapped to lead the company’s growth initiatives for this newest location. With an MBA from Colorado State University and over 17 years of managerial experience focused on client services, training & development, Cameron has successfully helped grow Employers Edge. He has an extensive list of credentials in software applications, network technology and real estate, further supporting our external and internal stakeholders. Cameron’s personal time is devoted primarily to his family, having just begun the journey of parenthood in 2016. His other interests include giving back to the community by serving on several local volunteer boards of directors and his church.

Stephanie Matthews
Senior Claims Operations Manager

Stephanie is another of our experts with 8+ years of direct unemployment industry experience and is a wonderful asset to Employers Edge customers. She leads a team of claims specialists in supporting customers nationwide. Her many strengths include internal and external customer service skills, team leadership and coaching. Her positive, challenge driven attitude helps our team effectively support each and every customer. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her kids and family, drawing, sewing, crocheting, playing volleyball & softball or camping/fishing.

Stefanie Hernandez
Claims Operations Manager

Stefanie has been with Employer’s Edge since 2009. After successfully serving an extensive list of national clients as an Unemployment Claims Specialist, Stefanie was promoted to Claims Operations Manager, where her reach and impact continues to help Employers Edge customers succeed. Stefanie is a dedicated employee who strives to provide quality customer service to our clients and shares her knowledge and experience of unemployment insurance claims processing. In her free time, Stefanie enjoys spending time with family and friends and is also a football fanatic!

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