Employers Edge is pleased to announce that we are now live on UI SIDES (Unemployment Insurance Separation Information Data Exchange System) in Connecticut, which is the 49th state to partner with us on this game changing innovation. As an award-winning industry leader on UI SIDES, Employers Edge is currently live in more states (49) than any of our competitors.

UI SIDES is a program whereby state workforce agencies are developing and/or enhancing their ability to exchange information electronically versus the historical method of communicating through the U.S. mail.

For certain documents, the UI SIDES program will eliminate the process of the state mailing the documents to Employers Edge. Instead, the claim information will be electronically transmitted to us and available to our claim specialists immediately increasing the lead time that we have been affording our customers by an average of 3-5 additional days because we are eliminating the delay of mail delivery and state agency and service provider mail room processing.

This technological innovation is a must-have capability for a service provider in our previously paper intensive and deadline sensitive industry.

Are you still handling your unemployment claims management in house? Have questions about how UI SIDES can help reduce your company’s unemployment costs? Contact us today – we can help!