We are very pleased to announce that as of August 20th, Employers Edge will be live with UI SIDES.  For those not familiar with UI SIDES, this is a program initiated by the US Dept. of Labor to build a standard interface between state workforce agencies and employers for the purpose of electronically exchanging unemployment claims information.  As of today, 19 states have gone live with the SIDES system, and another 24 states have committed to building an interface to this system within the next year.  On August 20th, Employers Edge will go live with the state of Colorado, and will soon move on to the states of Texas, Wisconsin, New York, Maryland and Ohio.

The benefits of this effort will be numerous for our customers.  First and foremost as each state goes live, it will eliminate all mail processing time for those states affording our customers more time to gather separation details at the initial claim level.  One of the byproducts of the UI SIDES program will be the amount of details the states are requesting via the electronic claims response format.  Their objective is clear, and that is to gather sufficient details electronically to make a good decision at the initial level.  Similar to what we will be facing as a result of Section 252 legislation discussed earlier, employers can expect to see subtle changes to our reach out requests as we launch a particular state on the UI SIDES system with certain states requiring particular details on their separations.  A sample of those details would include:

  • The final incident leading to the discharge is required
  • Dates of warnings and prior incident details
  • The name and title of the person who discharged the claimant
  • More details when separation pay is involved, such as average weekly wages and hours