Employers Edge is pleased to announce that Norma Kelley has joined our team as the Director of Enhanced Tax Services. Norma has over thirty years of experience handling complex unemployment tax matters involving mergers and acquisitions as well as independent contractor issues. Norma’s focus will be on enhancing the current tax services provided by Employers Edge.

Mergers and acquisitions have been accelerating as the economy has strengthened. Employers are burdened with compliance issues surrounding unemployment and withholding (state and local). Often times, employers do not have time to evaluate the possibilities surrounding a transaction and are unsure of the steps that need to be taken. Employers Edge can assist with the compliance of notifying the state agencies while also searching to uncover previously unknown tax savings opportunities. The added-value assistance that Norma can provide for our customers is highlighted in the following example. Norma assisted a healthcare provider who acquired 450 nursing homes. She provided consultation with the employer’s payroll vendor and became the liaison between the employer and the state. Conference calls were coordinated with the predecessor to allow for the evaluation of experience transfers and wage base continuations. The transaction was completed by the state(s) quickly as a result of intense follow-up, which allowed the employer to focus on other critical issues while their savings were maximized.

If you’re not sure about an acquisition, reorganization or merger in recent years, that’s not a problem! Employers Edge can help by providing a free look back to determine if any savings opportunities were overlooked. If we find that more taxes were paid than owed, a small contingency fee will allow us to obtain the overstated contributions for our customers. Norma has returned millions of overpaid tax dollars to employers after reviewing historical mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. In another instance, an employer in Washington received a 3.2 million dollar refund as a result of a transfer of experience being processed incorrectly that had happened two years prior.

We are excited to introduce Norma Kelley as part of the Employers Edge team, and we know her knowledge and expertise will be a benefit to our customers.