Freeze Your Employment Data

Request a freeze of your information in The Work Number® database.
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Placing or Removing a Data Freeze Is Free

You can prevent access to your employment information with an employment data freeze.
  • A freeze is free to place or remove.
  • If you place a freeze, verifiers will be unable to view your The Work Number data.
  • If you want your information to be accessible to certain third parties, you will need to remove the freeze.
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Placing a Freeze

Protecting the privacy and security of your information is important to us. To communicate a freeze request via email, send an email to requesting a Freeze Placement Form.  

Upon receipt of your email, a Freeze Placement Form will be sent to you utilizing our secure email feature, Virtru.  Virtru protects your messages and attachments. To learn more about how Virtru protects you, please visit us at

Mail or Fax
Fill out the Freeze Placement Form and send it to us by mail, or fax. You will be notified when your freeze has been applied.
Contact our Client Service Center to request your employment data freeze by calling 866-222-5880.
To place a freeze on the consumer report of a protected person, including minors and incapacitated adults, you will need to submit proof of their identity, along with yours, and proof that you are their authorized representative. Please contact our service center at 866-222-5880 for additional information. 

Email, Mail, or Fax
Fill out the Freeze Removal Form and send it to us by email, mail, or fax. You will be notified when your freeze has been removed.
Contact our Client Service Center to remove a freeze by calling 866-222-5880.