Are your I-9s in compliance?

More and more organizations are at risk of receiving an I-9 audit. Have your forms been completed in compliance with federal requirements? There are many nuances you may not know, leaving you open to legal liability, potential fines and penalties. Thus, companies are now choosing to partner with experts to save time and reduce liability. We look forward to helping you get started.

Simplify with our cloud-based, mobile-enabled solution

Reduce legal liability

Streamline the hiring process

Improve the E-Verify process

Be prepared for an ICE Audit

Secure sensitive data

Decrease clutter and save paper

Accomplish more in less time with the most compliant cloud-based, mobile-enabled Form I-9 solution available.

Accessible via smart phone, tablet or computer

Avoid missed deadlines with “notify me” feature.

Automatically secures, stores, and provides easy search/retrieval.

Customizable, walk-up usability and seamless integration with your existing HR and onboarding software.

Electronic signature options + instant submission to E-Verify (optional) help streamline efficiency with every new hire.

Safeguards your company’s sensitive information with the most highly recognized security and compliance standards.

Keep records up-to-date by sending the user an email notification every time an employee’s work authorization is about to expire.

Why Choose Employers Edge Electronic I-9 Solutions?


By validating data for each form field, our I-9 system dramatically reduces the room for errors and omissions on the I-9, and ensures no step is missed.


Our I-9 system provides a standardized process which decreases the chance of discrimination during the review of acceptable documents.


Our I-9 system has found that our software solutions help our clients reduce the time spent processing I-9s by up to 75%, along with easy retrieval of documents and reports.


Our software is designed with error checking algorithms, and data validation to maintain compliance. The system also provides an audit trail for corrections and updates.