In July of 2019, Alaska had the highest unemployment rate out of all 50 states at 6.3% despite being the lowest rate on record that the state has ever experienced. Additionally, California reached a record low unemployment rate of 4.1% in July of 2019 as well. California’s historic high was in November of 2010 at 12.3%.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track underemployment, but it does track certain variables that could indicate underemployment. For example, the percentage of California workers that include unemployed, marginally attached workers, and workers employed part time for economic reasons is at 8.6%. This is measured from the third quarter of 2018 through the second quarter of 2019. The additional 4.5% of workers are those who are working part time involuntarily. Those workers are marginally attached to the labor force and are considered “discouraged” workers.