Indiana Will Pay Off Its Title XII Loan to Reduce FUTA Taxes

On the 22nd of this month, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, announced that the state will be paying off their remaining Title XII loan balance to the Federal Government. The repayment of the loan is expected to create a savings of $327 million for Indiana employers in 2016. To pay the remaining balance, the state will

Rhode Island Will Allow Voluntary Contributions by Employers Starting in 2016

Beginning in 2016, Rhode Island will offer employers the opportunity to reduce their unemployment insurance tax rate by making a voluntary contribution to their unemployment insurance account. In many instances, it is financially advisable to make a one-time contribution in exchange for a more advantageous UI rate. In order to qualify, one’s account must be

Unemployment Tip – The Importance of the Final Incident

You know that expression, “the straw that broke the camel’s back?” We’ve all heard it. In the world of unemployment, that straw is called the “final incident.” The final incident is the very last event that led to the decision to terminate an employee. In other words, the event but for which the termination would

Allow Our Experts to Handle Your Tax Planning Efforts

Allow Our Experts to Handle Your Tax Planning Efforts The team at Employers Edge is fully committed to delivering the highest quality and most effective unemployment cost control services to employers nationwide. Among the many services we provide is a full range of advance unemployment tax planning services. Our personalized service and human approach makes doing

Myths and Facts about Unemployment Claims

There are many different myths and misconceptions about unemployment claims management and eligibility. Listed below are a few of the most common unemployment myths: Myth: Only employees that were laid-off are eligible for unemployment claims. Fact: Employees that quit or were terminated under certain circumstances might be eligible for unemployment. Myth: Only full employees are

UI Integrity Laws and UI SIDES Bring Material Changes to Unemployment Insurance Industry

These two major trends in the Unemployment Insurance (UI) industry will have a noticeable impact on how employers manage the unemployment claims process.  As a result of overpayments to unemployment claimants during the recent great recession, Congress mandated that the states pass tough UI Integrity laws designed to penalize employers who are responsible for overpayments. 

Employers Edge to Launch UI SIDES

We are very pleased to announce that as of August 20th, Employers Edge will be live with UI SIDES.  For those not familiar with UI SIDES, this is a program initiated by the US Dept. of Labor to build a standard interface between state workforce agencies and employers for the purpose of electronically exchanging unemployment