State Spotlight – Mississippi

When speaking of Mississippi, you might think of the nation’s largest river, sometimes called Old Man River.   Elvis fans may know that Tupelo, Mississippi was his birthplace.   And those of us with inquisitive children might have heard the story of Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt who refused to shoot a bear while hunting in Sharkey

The History of the Unemployment System

The United States unemployment system is very complex. To better understand it, let’s take a step back in history.  Our modern unemployment system has roots in the Great Depression, when wide-spread unemployment impacted our nation for the first time.  States began to recognize the need for a structured social assistance program to provide financial aid

UI Vocabulary – Able and Available

This week, we continue our year-long Unemployment Vocabulary series with the concept of “able and available.” Let’s face it. If you don’t work in the unemployment industry, some of the terminology may be hard to follow, but it’s important to know the “lingo” to understand what’s going on within your company’s unemployment program. So what does “able

State spotlight – Ohio

Ohio, sometimes referred to as the “Mother of Modern Presidents” was the birthplace of seven U.S. Presidents. Ohio was also the birthplace of other notable American figures including Annie Oakley, Neil Armstrong, Clark Gable and Steve Spielberg. In addition, the state is home to both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Pro

UI Myth Busters – Part Time Employees Aren’t Unemployed

This week, we continue our series called “Unemployment Myth Busters.” There are a lot of common misconceptions about how unemployment works. We are tackling some of the most common and debunking the falsehoods related to unemployment. Myth: Part Time Workers are Not Unemployed One of the more confusing topics in the world of unemployment insurance

UI Vocabulary – The Final Incident

Today, we continue our year-long series called Unemployment Vocabulary this week. If you do not work within the unemployment industry, some of the terminology utilized may be challenging to follow. It’s important to know the “lingo” to be sure that you understand what is going on within your company’s unemployment program. This week, we’re looking

Ohio Will Pay Off its Title XII Loan

The state of Ohio is enacting legislation which will allow for the use of state funds to pay off the remaining balance of their outstanding Title XII loan. It is anticipated that Governor Kasich will sign the legislation. The remaining federal debt is estimated at $250 million and would be paid in September from the

Virginia joins the Employers Edge UI SIDES Roster

Today Virginia became the 42nd state to go live with Employers Edge on UI SIDES. This is an exciting development for our Virginia customers as participating in UI SIDES as it eliminates the initial claim mail processing time, affording our customers more lead time to gather separation details at the initial claim level. All UI

What Does it Mean to Protest an Unemployment Claim?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the way the unemployment system works. A concept that is often misunderstood is exactly how protesting an unemployment claim impacts the outcome of the claim, or whether benefits are paid or denied. When a current or former employee files for unemployment, you as the employer are notified by