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Our Story Begins With You

Looking for a Better Way

Perhaps you’re here looking for a way to keep unemployment costs down. Or you’re looking for help handling the tedious employment and income verifications for your company. Or maybe you’re concerned about compliance issues and ready to move to electronic I-9’s.

Handling these areas may be causing you unnecessary strain, especially when you factor in the expense of delivering timely documentation, attending hearings and trying to learn unemployment laws and procedures that vary in all states. Plus, there are the additional pressures of staying in compliance with statutory deadlines and regulations.

We understand that you might not find these tasks to be the most exciting areas of human resources and payroll - but they’re our passion and core competency expertise.

Industry Background

Massive industry-wide consolidation requiring government intervention left the market with little choice, commoditized offerings and stagnant outcomes. We knew the market was seeking something different. A company that is approachable and easy to do business with. A company that is proactive and flexible. A company that is more responsive and more effective. A company with a better formula that delivers improved outcomes.

And that is exactly what Employers Edge is. A company with a customer focused approach supported by superior technology and delivering the most timely and effective solution to the market. There is a genuine quality mark in our industry. Service provider quality and effectiveness have a substantial financial impact on the customers' bottom line.

The average unemployment claimant is currently collecting approximately $5,292 dollars against U.S. employers. Whether you're already outsourcing or handling your unemployment claims internally, Employers Edge will improve your outcomes and deliver significant additional savings.

A Unique Approach Delivers Outstanding Results

We handle unemployment cost control, employment and income verification and electronic I-9’s a little differently.  While listening to our early customers and the marketplace - we realized that many were looking for a more customized boutique experience.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 that wants to be treated like a Fortune 500 company, or a growing mid-large size company, we take care of you. Through innovative software and a team of responsive, customer-focused specialists – we help you win more claims and off-load the administrative functions that are currently draining your time and resources.

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