The National Foundation for Unemployment Compensation and Workers’ Compensation is hosting the 2019 National Unemployment Insurance Issues Conference in Portland Oregon, on June 26-28. The conference will have experts from the private sector and federal officials lead workshops on a variety of topics. This is an opportunity for newcomers and experts to learn more about best practices, legislative updates, and industry trends. The following topics will be addressed at this year’s conference:

  • UI 101 Basics
  • The U.S. Economy and the Labor Market: Longer-term Perspectives
  • National Unemployment Insurance Legislative Update
  • National Unemployment Insurance Program Update
  • Competing Visions of the Future of Unemployment Insurance
  • The Washington State Implementation of Paid Family Leave
  • The “Gig” Economy – Proposed Solutions and UI Impacts
  • Marijuana and Drug Testing
  • UI Appeals Best Practices
  • UI Automated System Developments and Impacts on Employers
  • Roundtable Discussion of Individual State UI Law and Policy Issues
  • Review of FUTA and SUTA Tax Status and Projections
  • The Debate about Expanded Quarterly Wage Reports to Include Occupation Information
  • Integrity Best Practices, Benefit Overpayment Recovery and Collection
  • Reemployment Eligibility Assessments and Reemployment Services – Innovations

You can learn more about the Conference on the UWC website here: