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Unemployment Cost Control Services

Your business could be losing a lot of money due to unwarranted unemployment tax costs. At Employers Edge, we specialize in minimizing those expenditures through our unemployment cost control services for employers. We provide unemployment claims management, employment and income verification, electronic I-9s, and unemployment tax planning, so your business can focus its resources on other pressing matters. We specialize in providing unemployment cost control services to companies of all sizes nationwide. Our veteran team of experts allow us to provide innovative and effective outsourced solutions that save you time, money and frustration. Learn more about how we can help your company today.

Unemployment Cost Control

Free up company resources + make your life easier. Benefit from a responsive team, extensive expertise + an innovative, user-friendly system.

Electronic I-9s

Save time and greatly simplify the onboarding process to reduce your liability. We help you avoid costly penalties and stay in compliance with our easy to use online solution.

Employment and Income Verifications (VOEs)

We take this mundane administrative burden off your already strapped HR & Payroll departments with our secure, reliable 24/7 verification solution.